Ribollita 650g, Toscana in tavola Visa större

Ribollita 650g, Toscana in tavola

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Peso660 gr.
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Metodo di ConservazioneUna volta aperto il prodotto si conserva in frigorifero aggiungendo un filo di olio in superficie
AvvertenzeNon usiamo antiossidanti e per questo può capitare che la superficie del vasetto sia di un colore diverso: ma questo non pregiudica la qualità e il gusto.

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Our Tuscan Bread Soup, La ribollita ( which means 're-cooked' in Italian;
it’s called this way because once it’s cooked, you add some hard bread and you re-cook it, reboiling it) is probably the most known soup of our tradition. It’s preparred with very simple ingredients such as cavolo nero (winter
black cabbage), beans, potatoes and bread; these ingredients were the only nourishment of the Tuscan peasants and that’s why the simple use of these elements was transmitted generation after generation. Also, this soup tasted really good even the day after it’s preparation, re-boiled precisely.
The Ribollita con Pane Toscana in Tavola ® enables you to savour all this tradition in a couple of minutes. It's prepared with simple but fresh ingredients and cooked with all our passion and satisfying the demand for natural products, which are becoming rare nowadays. We suggest to add some raw olive oil before serving. We suggest to add some raw olive oil before serving.


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Ribollita 650g, Toscana in tavola

Ribollita 650g, Toscana in tavola


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