Ceps ragout 180g, Toscana in tavola Visa större

Ceps ragout 180g, Toscana in tavola

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Peso180 gr
Inga konserveringsmedel
Metodo di ConservazioneUna volta aperto il prodotto si conserva in frigorifero aggiungendo un filo di olio in superficie
AvvertenzeNon usiamo antiossidanti e per questo può capitare che la superficie del vasetto sia di un colore diverso: ma questo non pregiudica la qualità e il gusto.

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Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) grow spontaneously in the forests or in the conifer woods of the Tuscan Appenini Mountains as well as on the hills. Going to pick up these very expensive mushrooms by the very unique smell and taste, represents nowadays even a great opportunity to go trekking in the beeautiful woods when the season brings sunny days after humid and rainy periods.
This mushroom is basically used in the whole country to spice tasty pastas, but here in Tuscany, as you probably know, we are mostly meat lovers Maybe even for this reason, we developped the usage to add this mushroom to both beef or pork ragouts. It’s from this tradition that our Ragù ai Funghi Porcini Toscana in Tavola ® was born, excellent with egg tagliatelle, semolina pasta but also with lasagne and polenta. We strongly suggest to pair this ragout with a red textured wine.


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Ceps ragout 180g, Toscana in tavola

Ceps ragout 180g, Toscana in tavola


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