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Pandoro med citronkräm 750g, Maina


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Pandoro (pan d'oro) is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. Typically a Veronese product, pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an 8 pointed-star section.
It is often served dusted with vanilla scented icing sugar made to resemble the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps during Christmas.
Modern taste sometimes calls for pandoro to have a hole cut into its bottom and a part of the soft interior to be removed, the cavity is then filled with chantilly cream or vanilla gelato. Cream or gelato can be served as a garnish to pandoro slices.


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Pandoro med citronkräm 750g, Maina

Pandoro med citronkräm 750g, Maina

scatola di gr.750

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