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Top Moka, the House of the coloured coffee makers... a true "Made in Italy" for coffee lovers and coffee connoisseurs!
His real strength is the rigorous craftsmanship of the product. The coffee pots are handmade, one by one, and go through many processes (cleaning, painting, sanding, etc..) carried out with the most accurate treatments by highly skilled artisans.

Each coffee machine is handled from 60 to 70 times by different manufacturers, and we can safely say, that each one is exquisitely unique, because, in a way, differs from all others.

These time-consuming tasks ensures to the product the highest quality and prestige of a true Made in Italy. Nowadays, we can proudly state, that Top Moka Italia is the only company left that produces aluminium Moka coffee makers entirely in Italy, and the only one around the world to have such a wide range of colours.
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Näytetään 1 - 5 / 5 tuotteesta