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Milan-based company producing Panettoni
The Tre Marie panettone today is the only industrial grade to be produced even in the heart of Milan, a sweet Milan in Italy a symbol of Christmas. The Tre Marie Panettone recipe has remained faithful to the origins: three bodies, three days of fermentation, eight hours of cooling and finally the 'scarp', ie for cutting star handmade on the surface of the cake, which incorporates the old cut cross made ​​on bread as a symbol of blessing the food. After the 'scarped' the cake is then baked at sight and allowed to cool slowly, inverted, for better preserve the aroma, the softness of the dough and form bulges.
For the success of a good cake, there are two basic factors: natural yeast, which gives the sweet softness and structure, as well as flavor and scent, and the oven, in which the cake is approximately one hour.
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